• Ringless Voicemail

    Ringless Voicemail Drops

    Deploy voicemails directly onto mobile phones, without a ring.

  • Drop Ringless Voicemail

    Easy to Integrate Solution

    With a Desktop App, Web-based platform, and a customizable API, Drop is easy to integrate in any platform

  • Best SMS Rates

    Real-time or Delayed SMS Add-on

    Compliment your Ringless Voicemail with an SMS message, that allows the user to click to your page

  • Best SMS Rates


    Send mass SMS drops – as a stand-alone campaign or simultaneous with your RVM drops

Ringless Voicemail Drops

Deliver voice messages to any mobile number. Up to 96% of consumers listen to their voicemail.

SMS Message Drops

Deliver SMS message drops with custom content and a trackable click-to-call phone and link. You can send an SMS with each RVM drop, or use the SMS as a stand-alone setup.

Customized Delivery

Set-up real-time and delayed drops. Allows you to send follow-up messages 3 hours or 30-days later.


When you combine these facts with data on cost and ROI, the method looks even more enticing.


Through research and practice we’ve found that

  • 85-96% of consumers listen to their voicemail.
  • Compare this to other marketing channels…
  • Ringless voicemail has the potential to re-engage 20% of unreachable leads.
  • The cost to send a message directly to a lead’s voice mailbox is a fraction of the price most businesses pay using other channels such as banners, emails, and video ads.
  • Among the leads re-engaged by ringless voicemail, nearly 10% will eventually convert without intervention from your sales team

Our Services

Drop is the best solution for your ringless voicemail needs. Also called “direct to voicemail,” ringless voicemail allows you to deliver voicemail messages to leads without making their phone ring. Use Drop in the platform that best suits your business – desktop application, customizable API, or web-based platform.

Desktop App to drop a quick CSV
Simplest API to integrate into dialers & CRMs
Web-based UI you can access anywhere
Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Engage, Nurture and Convert Data

Track it!

How do we know all this? Because tracking the ROI of ringless voicemail is incredibly
easy - in many ways, even more so than tracking other online channels.
Most ringless voicemail users simply:

  • Create a web page to direct all ringless voicemail leads to the URL of which they mention in their pre message.
  • Display a custom phone number to the lead the ringless voicemail, so when they see “Missed call from: (Your choice of phone number),” they can call the relevant salesperson with a simple tap.


Below is our pricing for various volumes of voicemail drops. Inquire if you’re interested in a different quantity or SMS pricing.

Simple VMDropTM
$0.05 per successful drop
Basic VMDropTM
$0.035 per successful drop
Bronze VMDropTM
$0.015 per successful drop
Silver VMDropTM
$0.012 per successful drop
Gold VMDropTM
$0.01 per successful drop
Platinum VMDropTM
$0.008 per successful drop
Diamond VMDropTM
$0.006 per successful drop
Test VMDropTM
$0.01 per successful drop