Ringless Voicemail For Real Estate

Ringless voicemail technology and campaigns offer a variety of opportunities for the real estate industry. How does it work? Why use ringless voicemail? What is the best way to integrate and maximize the opportunity?

What is Ringless Voicemail?

Ever had a voicemail notification pop up on your phone without having heard the phone ring? That was probably ringless in action. You probably won’t call back missed calls just to see who it was. Though if someone bothered to leave a voicemail, we know they probably had something important to say and want to know what that was. Even if not immediately, we’ll check those voicemails pretty much 100% of the time, right? If there was something important or intriguing we’ll probably hit ‘call back’.

Ringless voicemail helps real estate professionals and firms run these campaigns themselves. It’s a powerful way to connect and ensure high delivery rates. Using this technology thousands of people and businesses can be reached in just minutes, with just a few clicks.

The Current Landscape for Real Estate Professionals & Companies

Access to using and leveraging ringless voicemail technology comes at a critical time for those in the real estate industry.

The data shows that the real estate industry has become more competitive than ever. Inventory levels are so tight that they have been cramping growth, and thousands of house flippers, home buyers and mortgage lenders are fighting over the opportunities in the market. The number of competitors is up and for most volume and market share seem to be down. It’s a time when it is vital to find an edge in securing new clients and deals, increasing conversion rates and retention of past customers.

At the same time real estate marketers are continually running into more challenges. Social media platforms like Facebook have been busted for serving flawed ad data, and have used the giant time and money investments users have made in building them up against them, by restricting visibility and increasing advertising costs.

Then there are the new GDPR rules which have created a panic among email service providers, marketing agencies and even bloggers.

This may all make ringless voicemail drops even more valuable and necessary for those serious about staying in business.

Why Use Ringless Voicemail

There are many reasons why you may want to use ringless voicemail in your real estate business and marketing campaigns.

This includes:

  • Outbound lead generation
  • Generating inbound sales calls
  • Upselling and securing repeat business
  • Customer service and follow up
  • Automating mass updates and product announcements
  • Keeping your brand at the top of mind
  • Increasing conversions
  • Connecting at scale with reduced labor and costs
  • Compliant marketing and communication channels

Who Can Benefit from Using Ringless Voicemail Services?

Real Estate Entrepreneurs & Tech Startups

Multi-billion dollar real estate tech giant Zillow is actually famous for rounding up much of its business and growth over the phone. So, whether you are starting out on your own as an entrepreneur or have a funded tech startup in this space, ringless voicemail services can offer great efficiency in breaking into the market and achieving scale.

Real Estate Investors

From large national real estate investment firms down to solo house flippers, ringless voicemail can provide great reach at great speed.

Real Estate Agents & Brokerages

Realtors and realty offices have long relied heavily on the phone. Only what works has changed dramatically. Manual dialing is no longer highly effective or efficient. Much like having a bullpen of outbound telemarketers. Ringless voicemail drops can help retain all the benefits of the phone, while tapping into what works in this modern age.

Real Estate Educators & Coaches

From real estate coaches to trainers and licensing schools, ringless can help recruit new students, alert past students to new courses, and could be used to optimize attendance to virtual training sessions and offline seminars.

B2B and B2C Real Estate Related Companies

Virtually all businesses serving the real estate community, buyers, sellers and homeowners can benefit from ringless voicemail applications. Including, mortgage lenders and brokers, banks, loan servicers, note investors, property tax adjusters and insurance agents.

Use Cases for Ringless Voicemail in Real Estate

There are many applications for ringless voicemail in real estate, including:

  • Announcements of open houses
  • Promoting new property listings
  • Alerting prospects to recent home sales of changes in values
  • Elevating attendance to special events
  • Providing continuing education reminders and opportunities
  • Seasonal engagement
  • New product notifications
  • Automating lead follow up and lead nurturing

The Advantages of Ringless Services

Common benefits of implementing this technology are reported as:

  • Achieving higher open and engagement rates
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Lower liability
  • Maximizing marketing ROI
  • Enhanced productivity and performance
  • Ease of scale


The real estate industry is one of the most burdened and fast changing when it comes to compliance rules and regulations. The Do Not Call registry and telecommunications laws and fines have made traditional cold calling almost impossible. Email marketing has become heavily regulated and now even smart online funnels for securing opt-ins and social media marketing faces a lot of challenges.

Ringless voicemail uses technology which is currently exempt from regular telephone rules. The phone never rings. Software is used versus traditional phone lines. While it is still wise and only ethical to abide by common phone etiquette, ringless currently provides a great advantage to those who want to deliver great service and grow their businesses and careers.

Integrating Ringless Voicemail with other Campaigns & Technology

Ringless voicemail campaigns can be used as a stand alone marketing vertical. Or for various departments using it to achieve different goals within your business. Forward thinking and performance minded professionals and CTOs will also find ways to integrate these services with their existing and future technology. For example; lead management software and virtual phone services. This can allow for single and highly targeted voicemail drops customized to specific targets, as well as bulk messaging to groups and entire databases with ease.

Smart entrepreneurs will use this technology and turnkey service providers as a part of their overall communications and marketing mix. It can be used to complement all other media, and increase the returns on everything else you do.

In order to get the most out of it and keep this medium sustainable:

  • Be sure you are in compliance with GDPR (especially if operating in Europe)
  • Adopt this tech early ahead of your competition
  • Don’t spam, use it in moderation
  • Make sure you and your teams are available to handle incoming calls
  • Be fast on the follow up