How Car Dealerships Can Leverage Ringless Voicemail Technology

How can car dealerships use ringless voicemail tech to enhance revenues and profit margins, while protecting market share?
Even though times are prosperous for the automotive industry, they are also highly competitive. Ringless voicemail could be the key to aiding automotive dealers and brands in maintaining strong revenues, increasing local market share and customer satisfaction.
How can this technology be used to overcome common current challenges, future threats to business, and to elevate current sales and profit figures?

A Pivotal Moment for the Automotive Industry

Car dealers are in the midst of affluent, but competitive times, which offer a great window of opportunity to maximize current business and get ahead financially and in brand security for the future.
Since the Great Recession finances and the economy have changed significantly. A whole wave of millions of US residents are now enjoying better credit scores, car buyers and lessees are putting up more upfront cash, capital is plentiful, and job growth, wage increases and moderate gas prices are fueling more sales.
At the same time innovative new brands and dealer models are capturing attention. While many are simply stuck with the same old business models and marketing campaigns and are simply competing on price and noise. Many are dropping the ball in the same areas and leaving key opportunities unleveraged.
This makes this an ideal time to explore new marketing and operational technology advantages like ringless voicemail for standing out, closing the gaps, and boosting profit margins and customer loyalty.

How Ringless Voicemail Works

Ringless voicemail drops can be used for individual consumer and corporate clients, as well as at scale for larger customer contact and sales prospecting.
Ringless can be used by every size and type of dealership from small local buy here, pay here lots to major traditional dealerships and new innovative showrooms and vehicle brands.

Instead of using traditional phone lines, ringless voicemail services use technology to drop voice messages into mobile phone users inboxes, without the phone ringing. Recipients receive instant alerts to new voicemail messages, without companies having to encounter rejected calls. This has so far resulted in listen or open rates being reported well in excess of 90%. That blows away email, direct mail and probably television advertising as well. Plus is it more cost effective per message.

Car dealers can outsource all of their ringless voicemail campaign needs to full service providers or wield this tech themselves with online dashboards. All results and interactions are easily trackable and measurable, will call and action reports.

10 Ringless Voicemail Campaign Ideas for Car Dealerships

  • Promoting new sales events
  • Announcing new model arrivals and pre-order ability
  • Getting out recall notices
  • Corporate follow up to missed sales opportunities
  • Alerting prospects to special financing events
  • Notification of service dates and discounts
  • Promoting vehicle buy back and upgrade opportunities
  • Prospecting for referrals
  • Conducting customer surveys
  • Retaining leases with customer loyalty programs

Benefits of Using Ringless Drops for Car Dealerships

Increasing Solid Sales Appointments

Proactive outbound ringless drops can drive in calls to specialized staff to set appointments for sales people, pre-qualifying candidates and assigning them to the optimal representative, while ensuring a better experience.

Improving Client Retention & Loyalty

Once won, an automotive client can have huge lifetime value potential. Yet, as in many other industries drivers can be highly fickle and easily influenced by competing advertising, branding and offers. Ringless drops can be used for a variety of ongoing loyalty campaigns and touches that can be far more effective than junk mail or email.

Boosting Customer Satisfaction & Positive Reviews

From start to finish ringless voicemail can help boost the overall customer experience with multiple touches and opportunities to solve any friction early. Happier customers mean more and better online reviews, and we all know that every business lives and dies by its online reviews today.

Enhancing Marketing Performance

If other marketing mediums are not returning the response rates, sales figures and ROI they used to or at competitive rates, then ringless voicemail is worth trying for its low cost and high connection rates.

Strengthening Additional Revenue Streams

Voicemail drops are ideal for warmly and softly upselling and cross-selling to boost overall dealership and franchise revenue. It’s perfect for reminding users of timely maintenance tasks, bringing them back to the premises for service, washes and customer appreciation events, and to promote vehicle add-ons for after sales.

Securing New Higher Value Client Accounts

RIngless can be ideal for prospecting to potential corporate accounts to win new high value and high volume customers, efficiently and profitably.

Getting Started with Ringless Voicemail

Getting started with ringless voicemail campaigns can be very fast and easy.

  • Consult with and select a solid ringless voicemail service provider
  • Consider any current technology, dialers or CRMs you’d like to integrate
  • Clean and organized list data or obtain new customer lists
  • Educate teams
  • Create great content
  • Start enjoying the benefits